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Specializing in Power Generation, Refining and Chemical Industries for over 25 years. We supply Performance Enhancing, Environmental Friendly Solutions.

• Heat Exchanger-The Heat Exchanger Doctors™ Pop-A-Plug®, Testing, Cleaning and Fabrication
• Hydrostatic Testing-High Pressure, Double Block & Bleed Isolation Plugs
• Water Intake Screens-Rex, Link-Belt, Underwater Dive Services
• Biodegradable Descaler/Degreaser- Rydlyme/Rydall-Chillers, Cooling Towers, Exchangers, Pumps
• Wastewater-Envirex-Clarifier, DAF, API, New & Retrofits, Microfiltration, Chemical Feed & Pumps, Aeration
• Headworks-Rex, Link-Belt, Bar Screens, Grit Removal
• Boiler-Tube Shields, Automated Weld Overlay, Access Platforms, Corrosion Resistance Pipe & Elbows

Pop-A-PlugŪ Tube Plugs, Hydrostatic Test & Isolation Plugs, Specialty Tools and EST Group Field Services.

Evoqua is the industry leader having supplied over 10,000 intake screens to customers in over 70 countries.

Rydlyme-Biodegradable Scale Deposit Removal, Chillers & Condensers, Plate & Frame Exchangers, Shell & Tube Exchangers, Vacuum Pumps, Water Based Equipment

Biodegradable Degreaser Cleaners



Basalt & Ceramic Lined Products, Silicon Carbide Lined Elbows


We manufacture the leading product in Remote Racking for circuit breakers, the inoRAC, which allows operators to rack circuit breakers from outside of the arc flash boundary, and protects against breaker and equipment damage. ARC Flash services available along with Medium and Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Services.


Boiler Maintenance Platforms, Wet/Dry Scrubber Platforms, Throat & Nose Scaffold Systems



Boiler Tube Shields, Ash Grinder/Handling Parts & Rebuilds, Coal Crushing & Pulverizing


Curtiss Wright - EST Group | Evoqua Water Technologies | Rydlyme | Rydlyme-Apex Engineering Products | CBP

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