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Evoqua is the industry leader having supplied over 10,000 intake screens to customers in over 70 countries.

Evoqua has supplied thousands of screens to power generators, municipalities and other industries over the past century. As a recognized leader in the water intake industry, our intake screening systems provide clean, debris-free raw water while minimizing ecological impacts, reducing maintenance problems and extending service life.

With the only ISO 9001 manufacturing facility in the industry and with extensive engineering and manufacturing resources, Evoqua is able to execute projects quickly and efficiently.

All of our Intake products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.



Evoqua Idustrial Wastewater

Envirex Products
Clarification Products (Tow Bro & Rim Flo)
Chain & Scraper
DAF-Folded Flow & Float-Treat
API-New & Retroifts
Diffused Air Systems and Diffusers
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Through the years, CBP Engineering has investigated virtually every product that has entered the market as a ceramic based abrasion resistant material. Through our own R&D, to continuing field trials, we've narrowed the field to the best available products. Whether your application requires cast basalt, alumina ceramic, AZS or silicon carbides, you can be assured that the materials supplied by CBP meet our own high standards and will exceed your expectations. Many of our product installations from the 1970's are still in use today!



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